Tatton Park

Here I have portrayed the beauty of faded and distressed textiles by producing a new piece of artwork to reflect the historic textiles the National trust works to conserve.



My initial inspiration came from a pair of curtains, distressed by time, hanging in one of the rooms at Tatton Park Manor. The curtains had faded in sections, over time, where the sunlight had bleached the colour out and also where repairs had been made due to the opening and closing of them throughout the years. Through these affects I found the curtains to be a work of art.


I blended shades of bronze and gold dyes - dying in my yarn by hand in sections to create a faded quality. I've used cream throughout the piece to create a solid ground colour, which lets the faded colours stand out and be the focal point. I am hopeful I been able to show that incomplete and one textiles can be as beautiful as new.